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Hydraulic 5th Wheels

Warren has invested the time, effort and money to research new manufacturing methods and parts to modernize hydraulic lifting fifth wheels. We have used finite element analysis (FEA) along with real world practical experience to upgrade our designs. This has allowed us to build the wheels you need for your application.

We also maintain a large inventory of both finished wheels and parts to serve your needs. Warren’s model FW-45 is our best selling 5th wheel used to convert any road tractor to be used as a spotter truck.

Warren hydraulic 5th wheels can save your company thousands of dollars compared to buying a dedicated yard spotting truck.


5th Wheel Manufacturing

All Warren hydraulic 5th wheels are manufactured using jigs and fixtures. Therefore, The Warren FW-30 or FW-45 lets you better utilize your tractor as a spotter at night and a road tractor during the day. If you will ever be spotting loaded trailers using your hydraulic 5th wheel, Warren strongly suggests our Model FW-45.

We offer many features not found on any competitor’s fifth wheels. We now offer a Power Up/Power Down option for our 5th Wheels.

Located close to one of our facilities?

We’d be happy to do the installation for you! Visit our sister sites to find all of our locations:


So, how hard is it to install a Warren Hydraulic 5th Wheel? Use the link below to download a PDF guide. Any truck equipment house should be capable of installing a hydraulic fifth wheel for you if you do not feel comfortable doing so yourself. Do not be afraid to call Warren for help locating a qualified installation shop. Warren has numerous distributors throughout the United States that can assist you in getting an elevating fifth wheel installed.